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Ruminate MonoGame GUI

Current Version: MonoGame Beta
This project is a GUI library for the MonoGame library.
By: Scott Franks (

For the latest code please check out the Source Code tab

Available Widgets


Demonstration Project:
There is a BitBucket repo
that contains an example project demonstrating how to set up and use the GUI. Each of the files in
the screen folder demonstrate diffirent capabilities and you can toggle though them when running the
example project by pressing tab.

Skinning System:
Easily alter the look of the widgets to fit the theme of your project.
Each widget can be individually skinned allowing you to mix and match skins.

Currently Available Widgets:

Single Line Textbox Plain Text Textbox Button
Toggle Button Check box Combo Box
Labels Images Panel
Scroll Panel Slider

Input Management:
As of release 1.4.0 the library uses a tweaked version of
I have only done minimal testing so am calling this release a beta since a lot of testing needs to occur
before I'm confident in the new input system.

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